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Season: Team:
Date Team H/A Score View
28/10/12Horfield 1 Home9-13View Match
03/11/12Bristol City 1Away11-21View Match
11/11/12University of Exeter 1Home18-9View Match
24/11/12Exeter 1Away8-12View Match
08/12/12Bristol Thunder 2Away9-11View Match
16/12/12Gloucester Lions 1Home8-8View Match
13/01/13Bristol City 1Home10-8View Match
03/02/13Exeter 1Home11-8View Match
10/02/13University of Bristol 1Away13-10View Match
24/02/13Bristol Thunder 2Home14-8View Match
03/03/13University of Bristol 1 Home12-7View Match
10/03/13University of Exeter 1Away8-21View Match
16/03/13Gloucester Lions 1Away15-23View Match
23/03/13Horfield 1Away19-19View Match